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RoyalJesus.com is powered by Royal Jesus Media. RoyalJesus.com is an online platform connecting believers to current news, events, interviews with organizations, authors, music leaders, and ministries from around the world. RoyalJesus.com has a mission of reaching people for Christ in every nation on earth. We will regularly interview guest speakers, guest bloggers, authors, musicians, missionaries, ministries, organizations and more.

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Have a passion to write for Jesus? Have tech skills? Just like to pray? Fluent in more than one language? We are looking for Christ centered believers to join our team.

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To spread the Love of Jesus to every region and nation of the world. Educating, equipping and raising up whole-hearted followers of The LORD Jesus Christ by providing training’s, information, teachings and more resources for Jesus Lovers globally. RoyalJesus.com originally will be launched in 3 languages. (English, Spanish, Portuguese) We will be offering more languages as time goes on.

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