Founder Healed By Jesus

Our founder, Michael Moreno was healed and freed from three destroyed discs in his lower lumbar back which created substantial nerve pain in both of his legs; which at times was utterly unbearable. His discs in his back were so bad that he could almost never sit down because the pain would elevate to levels that cannot be accurately described. 

Michael suffered for a total of 17 years in his life with disc, back, and nerve problems. He has had three back surgeries over the course of his life and was forced to take the strongest pain medicine that doctors could prescribe because of the “teeth-chattering” pain that he suffered from.

Jesus Heals

While at an event called LOVE LA in the fall of 2015 Michael’s discs and back were healed by the LORD on the corner of a street in Pasadena, California at 12 noon while three people from the event prayed for Michael to be healed.

About The Author Founder


I was radically HEALED by Jesus while on an outreach in 2014 called Love LA in Pasadena, California. was born shortly after. Ever since he has shared Jesus with people from all over the world and was born.